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Cambric And Calico Clothing & Company.“One world, Many Cultures”

In the fashion world rapper, Young Kaii, has been collaborating with many dope clothing lines; One of them being Cambric and Calico Clothing Company, founded by Tyrone Murphy. Just one week ago Tyrone debuted his line at the Magic Fashion and Trade Show in Las Vegas with great success. Here are some words from Mr. Murphy himself about how it all started. 

“I started Cambric and Calico back in 2004 slightly after I finished design school. In the beginning I used to airbrush and heat press my designs onto clothing. These methods were very time consuming and non-profitable for the amount of energy it took to complete each piece. 
In 2005, I attended the Magic Fashion and Trade show for the first time. After several visits to the show, I built a relationship with a manufacturer from Hong Kong Fashion District and was finally able to launch my very first clothing line called The Black Collection in 2016. The Black Collection was named so because it is my belief that all things are born from a state of darkness. I found the inspiration for my next line, The Colored Archer Edition, from my late, great uncle, Isaac B. Murphy. He was the first black jockey to win the Kentucky Derby in 1884 and then back to back in 1890 and 1891. To this day he is still the winningest black jockey in thoroughbred history.  
My clothing was showcased professionally for the first time at the Runway Fierce Walk for a Cure Fashion Show in Austin, TX. It was then that I truly fell in love with the fashion industry and this continued to design clothing. 
My third collection, The Five Shades Line, represents the five shades of humanity- black, brown, red, yellow and white. I am currently shooting a campaign for my latest line, HKFD Volume One by Cambric and Calico Clothing. This line pays homage to where my clothing is cut and sewn, the Hong Kong Fashion District. 
Tyrone Murphy is an accomplished fashion designer, graphic artist, videographer, photographer, master barber and inventor. If you are feeling the line and would like to shop and find out more about this dope line, make sure to visit www.stores.cambricandcalico.com

Tyrone Murphy and the legendary Joe Jackson.


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Rapper Young Kaii rocking Cambric and Calico Clothing brand! www.youngkaiimusic.com

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